Phillippe Petit
by Wyatt LeMay

Philippe Petit is famous for his tightrope skills. He is world known for his stunt of which he was to walk the twin towers with no catch net or rope. This was the first time anyone has ever don't. This elaborate stunt would be remembered for centuries. He was a famous performer in the aftermath of that shocking event.

In Nemours, France August 13, 1949 a baby boy was born with the name of Philippe. Philippe childhood had many challenges, Philippe was kicked out of five schools by the age of 18. Philippe at age six practiced magic tricks. He performed his tricks in Central Park for children and adults. Magic and Tightrope were his passions. Philippe competed in many tightrope challenges. Later Philippe walked the Sydney Harbor Bridge on a tightrope. Philippe was a talented young man.

Philippe Was born in Seine-Et-Marne, Nemours, France.

This is Philippes rope tightrope. He uses it in Central Park and practices on it. This is important because he wouldn't be able to practice which means he wouldn't be very good. This is him tying his rope when he is done using it. With this he can perform in Central Park for all to watch.

Philippe had many childhood challenges, such as getting kicked out of five schools by the age of 18. He also had many successes in his life. These successes were all about his amazing talent for tightropes. He competed in many challenges for tightrope. He performed in the park for children and adults to watch. He was a very creative student, but that creativity was not helpful in schools. Later in his childhood Philippe was still practicing and working on his tightrope skills despite his childhood schools. He realized that his talent for tightrope was his favorite passion.

-One day when Philippe was performing in -Central Park two kids started to hang and pull on Philippes wire. Philippe was falling, but he caught himself by one of his feet

-When Philippe was sneaking to the top of the the tower, him and his friends dressed themselves as a construction worker to get by the people.

-When Philippe was sent to the judge, the judge only sentenced him to perform in the park for children and adults.

''Life should be lived on the edge of life.''                          -Philippe Petit

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