Underwater Filmmaker

The main responsibility of an underwater photographer is to capture images and videos of sea life, divers and artifacts submerged underwater. Many are assigned to take specific images for a client or employer, while others choose their own work with the intent to sell it to publications, galleries and clients once finished. The majority of underwater photographers work on a freelance basis, so job duties also include running all aspects of a business, including managing marketing, administrative functions, finances and IT activities.

Educational Requirements: Bachelors degree (in photography), SCUBA training to become a certified SCUBA diver, consider earning photography degrees, consider a minor in marine biology or ecology,

Requirements of the job: Knowing how to swim/dive safely *becoming certified SCUBA divers, knowing how to film at different angels, using rebreathes

Unique skills required: Knowing the underwater environment, knowing how to cope with colors underwater

Work hour requirements: Varies but anywhere from 70-80 hours per week

Benefits of this career: Get to travel and explore the deep seas! Can drop everything and take a swim whenever you please

Salary: Varies from $30-50,000 depending on level of education and job prospects

Most interesting thing: Can find underwater artifacts and new species

Biggest challenge: Capturing shots underwater at different angels and with different levels of light

Future career opportunities: A competitive job market, one must have the skills, training, and education to become successful. There is a 15% rate of people self-employed in this industry

What should be done to pursue this career: Have both creative and technical skills in a highly competitive industry. Have a passion for filmmaking and exploring underwater

Why should someone go into this career: A person should pursue this career if he/she has the creative and technical skills of filmmaking, but is also fascinated with the deep seas and marine organisms underwater.

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