Swinging Radio England

This is the official Pirate radio boat on sea .

1/The address

The street is located in the exclusive Mayfair district in London. It is located 400 yards to the North West of Green Park tube station.

In 1964 at number 17 Curzon street, the sales offices of Radio London were opened. They were followed by offices serving Radio England and Britain Radio.

2/Did you know that..?

Radio England and Britain Radio, were to broadcast from the same ship. “Swinging” Radio England would be a fast-moving Top 40 station; Britain Radio, your “hallmark of quality”, would play sweet music. Both would be staffed by experienced American broadcasting professionals.

Swinging Radio England was everything you would expect from an American Top 40 station, very fast, very slick with lots of jingles - quite unlike anything heard in Britain before.

The studio and the 50 kiloWatt AM transmitter of Swinging Radio England were in two separate  rooms lowered into thethe MV Olga Patricia, a world war II  vessel built in the USA .

3/Test your knowledge

1/ What is the Swinging Radio England

2/What happened in April 1966?