Do You Prefer Dribbles and Slam Dunks to First Downs and Blitzes?Learn how to Play Fantasy Basketball

Basketball is among the top three favorite sports in America and growing in popularity. It being a fast-paced sport with lots of action, sweat and scoring, fans have been indulging in not only watching their favorite teams on large flat-screens, but also creating their dream teams by playing fantasy basketball. Most sports fans might be familiar with fantasy football, but not fantasy basketball, necessarily. Many sports fans find it necessary to seek out information on how to play fantasy basketball and when they’ve got a handle on that, they keep trying to find more and more quality fantasy basketball advice.

The best thing to do when looking for information on how to play fantasy basketball is find a thorough and knowledgeable online site that freely gives quality fantasy basketball advice and a step-by-step guide on how to play fantasy basketball. Although many sites like this might exist, don’t settle for the mediocre; find the site that includes player rankings, playoff tools, interesting and informative podcasts, the current season’s NBA schedule booster, and free materials like ebooks to help with advice on drafting and more.

At, fantasy basketball first-timers and seasoned players alike will find all of the information they need on how to create the best roster possible to keep them dominating the competition. Fantasy Couch understands that fantasy basketball players have to start somewhere, and that’s why they offer quality fantasy basketball advice written by fantasy hoops gurus like Matt Bohannan and Brandon Osborne.

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