Nathan Shaffer

Here is my Charlie Parker Presentation

This is my Resume

Dear Parents and Saxophone students,

My name is Nathan Shaffer and I have played the Alto Saxophone for approximately 7 years. I have played in a multitude of bands due to being in a military family and I have been in many musical settings. The first year I played Saxophone was my 6th Grade year with Mr. Scott at Palo Alto in Killeen Texas. In my 7th and 8th grade years I played at Live Oak Ridge with Mrs. Ward in Killeen Texas. During my freshman year I played at Shoemaker High School with Mr. Farmer in Killeen Texas. Currently I am in the BHS band with Mrs. Townsend and have been here since my sophomore year.

  I have auditioned for many different bands and competitions. In my 8th grade year I played at in an ensemble trio consisting of me another Alto and a Trumpet. We received superior ratings and were complimented as sounding like one instrument. In my freshman year I auditioned for all-regionals as well as regional solo and ensemble music. During my sophomore year I auditioned for all districts and all state jazz band. This year I have auditioned for all state jazz and I am working on all district music and currently submitting Tri M papers for a honor band. I am currently in BHS’s jazz ensemble and have participated in the marching and jazz bands as well as BHS drumline.

  I hoping to get your student to the point where they can play all 12 major scales at a tempo of 100 beats per minute and also to get their chromatic scale down under their fingers. I will be giving your students many examples of rhythm and fingering sheets. I will also be working to improve the tone quality and ombrechure of your child

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