Ramos,Esteban Alberto

123 sun mount

El Paso Texas ,12345

May 26,2015

New  Mexico electric company


4321 electric ave


Dear Mr.trevizo,

I am writing to you  in  regards of your your engineering position I have a degree in electrical engineering I graduated top 15  percent in my class.

During the study of my degree I went on various intern positions including the following (el paso electric company,Huston electric company ) during  these positions I gained a greater understanding of what goes on during a normal day as in my position of work.

In conclusion I am very well  qualified for this position and I would like to set up a interview with you a soon as possible

In regards

Esteban Ramos

Esteban Ramos

915 8989435

123 sun mount



My goal is to become a electric engineer

Terria del sol(5years)

Jane a hambrick(2 years)

Paso del norte(1 year)

Eldorado (1year)

During these years I have received multiple a-b honor awards

I have experience with fully remodeling one of my coaches yard from the beginning of May to the the end of June .

I'm am skilled with using inventor on the computer this program helps me design projects on the computers

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