12 Favorite Things

Abby Holt

The first picture is of the Badlands National park in South Dakota. My family and I have gone to this place twice. It's one of my favorite places to go because there are a lot of awesome hiking spots and I just think it always looks amazing. I used the nice and easy action, boost, and slight lighten.

The second picture is of a chair that's at my house. This is the chair I always sit in when I watch TV or when I'm sick. I love it because it's really comfy. I used the nice and easy and lovely and ethereal actions on this picture.

My next picture is of my car. My car is one of my favorite things because it's really convenient to have and I like how it looks. I used nice and easy, fresh and colorful, define and sharpen, and boost for my actions.

My last picture is a river. I really like to go swimming outside when it's hot out. I also really like to go fishing. I used the nice and easy action, boost, and define and sharpen.


I think my best picture was of the river. I think the lighting was really cool and I liked how the light reflected off of the water.