Movie poster

Hunger Games

The orange vibrant colors catch the eye and stick out like a sore thumb. This makes the viewers pay more attention to it and read it and take a closer look at what the poster is trying to portray. It says "The world will be watching" this makes people think what is the world going to be watching. I think from looking at this poster the movie is going to be about a girl who is doing something and the whole world will be watching her and examining her every move. The is a mocking jay pin on the bottom of the poster represents strength and will power to stay alive.

News Story


"Gareth Edwards' take on Toho's titanic monster is out in under three months - May 16, 2014, to be precise - but our equally hefty Godzilla issue is out tomorrow. Discover... the megazine!

Nearly 30 per cent larger than a regular-sized issue, the megazine is special collectors' item, measuring approximately 26cm by 34cm. You'll be able to buy your own copy (provided you have a large enough bag, of course) tomorrow, Thursday February 27, at WHSmiths across the country (including Travel stores at railway stations, airports and the like), as well as the biggest 50 HMV stores in the UK."

This can relate to our topics because we talked about how to market movies and make the better the more money spent advertising the more revenue and viewers the movie is getting. In class we talked about promoting the movie before its released so that people are more intense and eager to see it the first night because they waited so long for it to come out.

Movie Trailer

Legends of hercules

This movie trailer is a great trailer because it teases the plot very well. The plot of this movie is in the medieval times when Greece and troy were at war And Hercules was a hero to the army he served for. The climax in this movie is when the voice of his mother tells him to look to sky for his true powers. This point in time lightning strikes his sword and he takes out a very large group of soldiers. This movie on a scale of 1-10 I would give it an eight Because it gives you enough to get you out of your seat but doesnt give you all of it so it makes you want to go to see it.

Television marketing srategies

The first thing that a TV show can do to market it the best is to have commercials that give us a sneak peak of what the show is and who stars in it. This commercial shouldn't be long just enough to catch people attention. This commercial should contain a sneak peak and the shows start date and time and the channel that it is on.

Have a Twitter page that Fans can interact with the characters and other fans. this is a good marketing idea because you can create a positive atmosphere for your fans.

Have the star of the show interview about the show on another tv show or star the in another show related to the one that your showing.

One thing you shouldn't do is let fans talk about your show or characters in a bad way because people will think less of your show.

Try to keep your main characters out of trouble or doing things that may be against peoples beliefs cause that can turn down fans and other potential viewers.

Amusement park

If i ran an amusement park how i would get people to stay longer and spend more money I would offer promotional deals. One of the promotional deals i would offer is a family bundle package i Would offer a Two night stay at a hotel and a two day pass to the amusement park. I would also offer a early bird special come at a certain time and receive a discount on ticket prices. I would also offer a lunch special every food place in the park will be twenty five percent off all regular priced item.

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