Office interior design proposal

We know something about office interior design need to be aware of things, now let us expand the details about it. Hand it to interior designers, many enterprises and designers in many other aspects of comprehensive opinions may ignore some realistic problems, influences the effect of design.

1. Sound insulation

Sound insulation is a primary focus on the function of the office. You need a quiet space, let you talk with our customer, do not have to worry about staff will hear conference contents, employees don't have to worry about you will hear their discussion. Peace and quiet of interior design can help you focus on your tasks, without having to waste time and energy. It helps to create an environment more effective and comfortable interior design. Quiet and relaxed office to help with your work faster.

2. Color

Choose bright office interior design color for your office wall, ceiling and floor decoration, to help design bright and vibrant contrast. Open office may help lengthen people's work without feeling tired. Use contrasting colors create a bright and dynamic office. Cool background color for the enterprise is to create more business atmosphere, the decoration for meeting room that cool color moves, the soft background color can stimulate the creativity.

3.Furniture of

Access to modern ergonomic office chair and desk should be comfortable, can provide adequate storage space and support office interior design style. Not all offices for expensive furniture, an attractive and functional solid wood or glass desk is a good choice of eco-friendly and health office. The same cost of furniture, should give priority to comfort. A high back ergonomic seat can be adjusted by different postures, lumbar support and armrest, modern ergonomic chair is healthy, is also an important element in design.


Office interior design request the chair on its back to the office door or window, to prevent the people around them sitting on a desk is opposite the door, make the positive energy flow stagnation. Don't choose the angle of modern office furniture, sharp edge and don't, more don't put your desk in the corner.

5. Simple

Simplify your office, not in the office interior design in the fill unnecessary things, don't try to have it all, leave a little space in your office. Create an efficient and practical office, and allow the positive energy flow of the room, some simple bookshelf place books and documents are sufficient. If you need a lot of file storage, you can place a large bookcase, it can help you organize your design, the bookcase of aerial looks relatively simple and easy.

6. The decoration

The flowers on the wall can let a person feel comfortable. Green landscape can relax the eyes, the eyes from the busy business. Eyes feel tired because the light is too much. Two different light sources are in the office of interior design. Custom lamps and lanterns and environmental protection lampshade can reduce the damage to the eyes and the design of the lamp and the light bulb will influence the design, traditional blue light instead of yellow color is more close to natural light.

7. Plants

Green indoor plants are to create health office decoration is an important part of their beautiful natural color for the connection of office interior design with nature.Green indoor plants produce oxygen and maintain a constant indoor humidity levels. Help people focus. Arrowroot plants or fern are a way to increase the beauty of the green office, low light tolerance plant deck dark corners and at the top of the shelf. They add natural feeling, create a healthy, comfortable, efficient work space. Ivy, dates, and plant dragon blood can also be used as a green office accessories, they are pure and fresh air, avoid you accept from harmful radiation of electronic products, greenhouse plant air pure and fresh and the best way is to keep the office.

If had been living in dull, dark, uncomfortable, disorganized office, anyone will feel tired. This office is also difficult to let the customer have the desire to purchase a product or service. You can choose any style and decoration for your office, you need to consider some ideas that can help you office indesign -

more comfortable health office.

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