Shirley Chisholm

By Areauna Battle

Shirley Chisholm- Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm was an American politician, educator, and author. She's a congresswoman, representing New York's 12th congressional District for seven terms from 1969 to 1983. Born: November 30, 1924, Brooklyn, NY. Died: January 1, 2005, Ormond Beach, FL. Spouse: Arthur Hardwick. Party: Democratic Party. Movies: Chisholm`72: Unbrought and Unbossed. Education: Teachers College, Columbia University, Brooklyn College, Columbia University

In 1964, Chisholm ran for and was elected to the New York State Legislature. In 1968, she ran as the Democratic candidate for New York's 12th District congressional seat, and was elected to the House of Representatives. Defeating Republican candidate James Farmer, Chisholm became the first black woman elected to Congress. Chisholm joined the Congressional Black Caucus in 1971 as one of its founding members.

Shirley Anita St. Hill was born in Brooklyn, New York, to immigrant parents. Her father, Charles Christopher St. Hill, was born in British Guiana and arrived in the United States via Antilla, Cuba, on April 10, 1923, aboard the S.S. Munamar in new York City.

After retirement she resumed her career in education, teaching politics and women's studies and being names to the Purington Chair at Mount Holyoke College from 1983 to 1987. In 1985 she was a visiting scholar at Spelman College. iN 1984 AND 1988, she campaigned for Jesse Jackson for the presidential elections. In 1990, Chisholm, along with 15 other African-American women and men, formed the African-American Women for Reproductive Freedom. In 1993, then-President Bill Clinton nominated her to the ambassadorship to Jamaica, but she could not serve due to poor health. In the same year she was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

Chisholm was married to Conrad Chisholm, a jamaican private investigator, form 1949 to 1977. In 1978, she married Arthur Hardwick, Jr., a Buffalo businessman who died in 1986. Chisholm had no children and moved to Florida when she retired.

Chisholm retired to Florida and died January 1, 2005, in Ormond Beach near Daytona Beach. She was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York.

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