World War I
Photo Essay

Causes of the war

This is a photo of the Arch Duke and his wife making way to their car right before their assignation

As the Arch Duke and his wife are blocks away from meeting the wounded in the hospital, an assign from Serbia walks up and shoots the both of them. This caused big tension between the countries, which caused Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia. This made other nations step in to help their country in the war. Many countries also declared war on their enemies which started World War I #imperialism

Weaponry and Technology

Tanks were first introduced during world war

Tanks were first introduced in world war I and were used for protection, while usually firing guns or for transportation to new fighting land. They were also able to turn at sharp speeds and go across many different terrains.

The Red Cross Car was used to protect injured soldiers while they were being transported back to a care center. They were mostly used to gather people who were injured in trenches.This vehicle was an idea that was being modified to help increase its productivity. This was because the wheels on this vehicle was said to be too small to go down into the trenches, and wasn't fully able to go in any condition that was put into its way.  #militarism

Soldier Life

Many soldiers had different ways of transportation. Some people rode on horses or had vehicles. In this picture there are three New Zealand soldiers riding on camels to their next destination. Camels were not the most popular use of transportation, but they could last many longs hours of traveling.

This is a photo of french soldiers after the Taking of the Courcelles. Many of the men are afraid and waiting until they have to attack again. There were many soldiers in the war that died which was very devising for the people around them. At times many of the soldiers thought they had no purpose to live because of the harsh conditions they were in. #militarism #totalwar

Civilian Life

This is a photo of women who have volunteered at the Red Cross to help injured soldiers. This is an example of how many people were trying to help in any way during the war. The government really encouraged women to step in and do anything to help. This was by making socks for the men in the trenches, or even going and volunteering in the red cross like the picture above. Any help that the women could provide was very helpful in the long run. #womenmakingachange

This is a photo taken in France in a lumberyard. These women were helping cut wood to make huts for the solders. This is another example of how women were trying to help their soldiers out during the war even though they were not the ones fighting in it. #helpinghands

Impact of the War

This is a photo from many years after the war . This shows the many deaths of soldiers who dedicated their lives to serving their country. Here they are honored for their service in their country. There are also many places around the world that have these sites to show their people how much these men have helped their country throughout the war. #impactofthewar #totalwar