Self-Reflections - Jacob Kronback

My Carrier Assessment says that I would be good with a Enterprising, Investigative or Conventional carrier.  

My key Interests Area - EIC

My key interests are:

E- Enterprising people are persuaders. They like to work with other people. They like to influence, lead and perform. They are often assertive and full of energy.

I- Investigative people are thinkers. They like to watch, learn and solve problems. They often like to work alone. they tend to be good at math or science, and like analyzing data.

C- Conventional people are organizers. They are good with details and like to work with details and like to work with data. They have good   

My Personality Traits

My Personality Components: ESTP

Occupations that are somewhat interesting to me Police and Farmer.

Occupations that are very interesting to me would be Military and Craftsman

School subjects that would be helpful would be biology, chemistry, algebra, and agriculture/ science.

Skills that I would have to develop would be being practical, to be ready for anything, and being a risk taker.

My Skill Traits

Some occupations that somewhat interest me Industrial Production Managers and Surgical Tech.

Occupations that are very interesting to me would be Engineers, all other and Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanical, Except Engineers.

Outlook of these jobs percent growth 6.3% and below average and percent growth 14.6% and above average.

Medium wage for these jobs are 41.10 median wage and 25.01 median wage

My Value Traits

My Most Important Values include: Independence, Exercise Competence, Physical Challenge, Fast Pace, and Excitement

Careers I would consider include: Personal Trainer, Army, Athletic Training, and Handyman

What I Learned About Myself

What I Learned About Myself

By completing the assessments I leaned the following about myself: I learned that I am who I always thought I was and now am and always will be.

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