Read to Achieve Updates and Reminders June 2015

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I know how busy you are at this time and I appreciate that you have been so cooperative as we work through the requirements for RTA. Great news all preliminary rosters were turned in on time! This is the same form you will update once you have a final list of reading camp attendees. Thank you for your hard work and effort to work with us as we work through the RTA requirements. Please make sure that each member of your team is paying close attention to the Read to Achieve Documentation Schedule and Read to Achieve Documentation Checklist found on the C&I Google Site in the Read to Achieve Section. Deadlines are fast approaching.

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There have been two vital updates since the last update that you need to know.

1. Report Card Labels - These labels are for 3rd graders that have not passed through any pathway or met a good cause exemption (GCE). The labels must be placed on the final copies of the report cards, the one to be sent home and the other copy that is to be placed in the cumulative folder. In addition, you will need to include a letter (found below) in the report card envelop that notifies the parent of the child's placement for the following year and when he/she will be able to take the RTA test during the summer. The labels will be sent directly to your bookkeeper.  You will have to verify that these materials went home with students in the manner described above.  

2. Disposal of TRC Assessment Materials - You recently received an email from DPI regarding disposal of the TRC Written Comprehension materials. It is important that you pay close attention to the information and video. To provide a systematic process, we are asking you to ensure you have collected all materials, box the materials to be shredded, and label with the shredding forms. The boxes will be collected by the courier during the week of June 22-26. They will need to be stored in the principal's office or other secure location until that time. All verification forms will need to be completed and stored at your school. The date that the boxes are picked up can be listed as the shredded date. I can not reiterate enough how important it is for you to not only be aware of the process but to take responsibility for making sure the materials are disposed of properly. Although I have included a few key screenshots and access to important documents, it is your responsibility to know the contents of the information that was shared in the email. Communication will be sent to you later to let you know when the new materials will be available online and how they are to be accessed by teachers. Again, materials will be collected by the courier during the week of June 22-26.

Read the Reminders.

RTA passages can not be sent home with students.  These include any copies of the assessment passages or the instructional passages books that were used in classrooms. Directions regarding the portfolio passages can be found in the RTA Documentation Checklist. This document was first shared with you in April. Assessment passages are considered secure items and the instructional passages are to be treated in the same manner.

RTA Letters to go home:

  1. RTA letters and enrollment forms will need to go to select 3rd grade students that have not passed the EOG, by June 1.
  2. If a student that received an invitation letter passes the RTA test or the EOG re-test, the school will: call the parent, notify them of the results and let them know that the invitation to attend camp has been withdrawn because their child has demonstrated 3rd grade reading proficiency. This is really good news for the student!

RTA EOY Documentation to be turned into Elementary Education (due by June 11):

  1. Proficiency Form - (a shared Google Document) It will need to be printed, signed and turned into Jackie Jacobs. This document has been shared with the principal, assistant principal and instructional coach. Please contact me if someone needs to be added.
  2. Camp Rosters (a shared Google Document) - a tentative list after the EOY window closes will be submitted, the final is to be revised after all EOG administrations. Also, include students that are not attending camp but plan to come to take the RTA test in July and note in transportation column. Confirmation with the parents will need to be made by the school. Schools will notify parents about transportation once all routes are finalized later in the summer.
  3. Reading Camp Documents (organized by student that are attending camp and/or taking the RTA test in July):
  • Student Enrollment Forms/Intent Forms
  • Copies of the Student Score Summary Sheets
  • Review of Accommodations Forms (504, EC, LEP) for students attending camp or taking the summer administration of the RTA test).

Collaborate & Clarify.

Please register for RTA Updates 2015 on June 2, 2015 1:00 PM. This webinar is a short Q&A session to clarify final procedures for the end-of-year, RTA and reading camp.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have questions.  Eboni