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april 17, 2015

history: google asked me about german tactics


History Research: april 30 2015

April 30, 1867: U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward signs a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska for $7 million. Despite the bargain price of roughly two cents an acre, the Alaskan purchase was ridiculed in Congress and in the press as “Seward’s folly,” “Seward’s icebox,” and President Andrew Johnson’s “polar bear garden.”

April 30, 1973: The diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish victim of the Holocaust is to be published in English titled "The Diary of a Young Girl". Her diary, later entitled "The Diary of Anne Frank", becomes one of the most popular books in the world and is included in most schools as recommended reading.


I didn't used to know the about the parts of presentation, i knew what it was but i never knew how to develop it, the techniques or different ways to put it out. i learned about self- serve and how its all by yourself. a couple days ago we had to look up one of our favorite (clean) songs and memorize the lyrics, then our partner whited out some of the phrases.there are also techniques like rolling scripts, hard copies and other opinionated ways to creating a presentation.