By: Lannah Johnson -4

Heavin with perfect, glowing hazel eyes,

Heavin of a ordinary family who lives in the neiborhood,

Heavin whose heart is sweet and filled with love that makes people want to never let her go,

Is a girl who everyone knows, hangs out with everyone, but never leaves anyone out,

Shops every week hoping to find a better her,

Always has the outfit of the day and glows as she walks up the hallways,

Knows everyone and always has the same perrsonality,

Gets compliments everyday,

And is full of self confidence.

Heavin has a beautiful soul.

Has beautiful features.

But doesn;t cover herself up,

Because she doesn't want to hide herself.

Heavin inside her heart want people to know the real her,

Inside she doesnt want to hide herself,

Inside she is herself.

Is a true person,

Makes everyone feel beautiful,

Tries to be beautiful inside and out.

Helps without expecting anything back,

Has a secret that no one has realized yet,

She is a friend of rachel.

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