Deborah Cohn Patent

Patent Office Benefits from Patent and Trademark Office Professional Deborah Cohn

As an official at the Patent and Trademark Office, Deborah Cohn was, at one time, at the forefront of the implementation of remote working technologies in government offices. Deborah Cohn saw the growing problems of traffic on Northern Virginia highways as a hindrance to the efficiency of workers. With all that time and money wasted in the commute, workers were often preoccupied with the burden of wondering how many hours were to be added to their workday just through simply getting there.

Because of this, Patent and Trademark office official Deborah Cohn felt the USPTO was coping with a great inefficiency. And with all of the attorneys and agents working for the office who could very well perform their work from home with basic modern utilities such as phone and internet, she saw the potential in allowing workers to telecommute and increase the quality of their work, the quality of their lives as well as the cost-efficiency of the office.

For her efforts, Patent and Trademark office official Deborah Cohn significantly shifted the US Patent and Trademark Office’s operations with a green incentive that enhanced the abilities of her employees. She received much praise for the change that took place around the year 2007, at a time when telecommuting was still a relatively new concept. But as a progressive figure who foresaw this concept as the way that many business and government operations would be managed in the future, Deborah Cohn embraced a shift in management that was perhaps beyond their time back then, but is now practiced by businesses and government agencies all over.