Useful resources for teachers Historical Timelines Create large posters from online images US Holocaust Museum History + Lady Gaga

Also, search youtube with "colour footage [event name here]"

Also, google "colourized historical photos"

(or keyword search any other subject) (Library and Archives Canada) (Lib/Archives flickr stream, searching flickr for "canadian history" also brings up lots of non-LAC photos) (interactive annotated images)

paired with history of 2010 Olympics gold medal hockey game)

Through ProQuest: Globe and Mail Archives 1844-2010 Amazing resource but not free unless your uni/library subscribes. Russian Cemetery (Television Ontario) Names, pictures info on military equipment (search WWII, good photos) (Streetview images of art galleries, parliament buildings, librarys, parks etc all over the world)

google search "east side gallery" (also on streetview) - Berlin Wall Art (free books online) (graphic representation of most popular headlines around the world or by country)'s front pages around the world, also lots of other useful resources) (online knowledge games, can design your own) (History course PPs, handouts, lesson plans etc) primary source doc sets )

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