F is for flowers, floors + focus.

#JanuaryCure assignment 2: buy #flowers (and eat @brewnutscle #donut).

Day 2: Weekend chores

Friday, Feb. 21 - Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014

OK, so I false-started. I started my January Cure on a Sunday, only to realize on Monday that assignment #2 was meant for weekend-doing. (Apply brakes.) Fast-forward to Friday! Next on the docket: buying flowers to pretty my weekend and cleaning the crap out of my floors.

It doesn't take long to learn that walkability comes second only to roof-over-my-head when selecting my place to live. So, it bleeping made my bleeping day to stroll to neighborhood Urban Orchid to get the above weekend brighteners. Saturday morning was a total high in Hingetown. It started with the inaugural spin class at Harness Cycle's new studio across from my apartment, Brewnuts and a Panama pour-over at Rising Star, and the lovely handpicked bouquet, shown above.

The Church of Apartment Therapy is spot on when It says this simple, affordable luxury, this gift to your house changes your spirit. Flowers add life to your house, cleanse the air and your spirit. Walking home with my colorful bouquet in one hand, coffee and donuts in the other, made me feel complete in my neighborhood. In fact, it made me mentally "sign on" to live here until at least November.

But it's not all sunshine and flowers in the January Cure. This weekend's big to-do was FLOORS. Ryan and I picked up a new Swiffer, broom and clean sundries on Saturday, and I worked my way from front of house to back, sweeping, mopping, wiping until about 10 p.m. Sunday night. This step is meant to be a big job — a big step in getting intimate with every inch, corner, nook and cranny of your home. And it does just that. While mopping the bejesus out of polished cement floors doesn't make a huge visual difference, I feel the difference. Particularly in my lower back, hands, arms and shoulders. I even wiped every stretch of floorboard. This place could pass military inspection. At least on the floors.

FOCUS (on your mantra).

The hardest part was fighting temptation to do everything else. January Cure is a 30-day cleanse of sorts. You must FOCUS! You have to commit to taking the steps, sweeping up your toxins at the right pace, in reasonable order. I stayed mostly on track, but couldn't help hanging my pocket mantras from the Harness Cycle opening in a few places around the house. It seemed like a necessary side project to help point my mind in the right direction to be cured.

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