The Design Mix

Surena Momi

Little Sun is a work of art that brings solar-powered light to off-grid areas of the world. Designed by Olafur Eliasson.

FUNCTION- The purpose of the product and what is does.

The Little Sun is to used to bring solar power to use at places where there is no electricity/power.

  • To provide clean, solar-powered Little Sun light to as many people in the world as we can, focusing our reach particularly in off-grid areas, which need light the most.
  • Access to clean light is essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations, specifically falling under these categories:
    • Poverty eradication
      Little Sun provides light so businesses can remain open later, which increases their income. Using Little Sun also saves people 90% over a 2-year period compared to kerosene.
    • Education
      Little Sun provides light for children to study or read in the evenings, which leads to children performing better in school and staying in school.
    • Gender equality
      As they spend more hours in the home, women and children suffer disproportionally from the indoor air pollution, breathing-related problems, burns, and fires caused by kerosene lanterns and candles. Little Sun light provides a safe alternative that emits no smoke and is non-toxic.
    • Health
      With Little Sun solar-powered light, medical care that must be performed at night becomes safer to provide. Little Sun lamps are safe, clean and eliminate indoor air pollution, breathing-related problems, burns, and fires caused by kerosene lanterns and candles, while supplying light that is 10 times brighter.
    • Environmental sustainability
      While polluting homes at the local level, using kerosene for lighting impacts the environment on a global scale, releasing 190 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year. Little Sun is an environmentally sustainable solution
  • APPEARANCE- What the product looks like.

    Little Sun appearance is exactly as its products name. The little yellow sun is quite thick but small in size, the product seem light and easy to use as the solar panel is on the back of the product. The colour yellow is bright and eye catching and stands out, also symbolises the yellow sun which goes with the name.

    COSTS- The price of the product.

    Little Sun is $22 per light, this is reasonable price for a customer as its not too cheap and not too expensive.