Sibel Saygın


My name is Sibel Saygın and I have been a teacher of English for nine years.I live in İstanbul which is the most crowded city in the
North West of Turkey.

I have had some chances to participate e-twinnig projects since 2010. Nowadays ı am participating in three different e-twinnig projects with my students.

As for my personal life I am married and had two cute daughters,One of them is five years old and the other is just two years
old:) they are both lovely and cheerful girls like their mum:))))

I love cooking different dishes and make delicious cakes for my daughters , of course for my husband,too. I don't have many opportunities to busy with my interests but I like dancing especially the folk dances. Once upon a time I was a member
of a folk dance group when ı was at high school:)

I love my students:)

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