A zentangle is a very interesting and expressive form of art. It is one big picture made up of many other small designs. Zentangles take some time to create, but when they're done you have an amazing piece of artwork to show off!

You have to be creative to create a Zentangle!

How to create a Zentangle:

Step 1. Figure out what you want your Zentangle to be of. What do you want the big picture to be of?

Step 2. Draw the outline of the big image. Next add detail, such as eyes or a mouth.

Step 3. Start doodling! Draw whatever comes to mind. Fill the entire picture with designs. Try to leave no white space!

TIP: If you can't come up with any pattern ideas, you can always look on the internet!

Here are a few Examples!

Zentangles look great when finished. Some look very elaborate and difficult to draw. They are really very easy once you learn how to do them!

A museum with a great Zentangle program!

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