Band Resume

Name: Emily Slack

Grade: Freshman

Instruments: French horn, mellophone, piano, and bells

Education: Waller Mill Elementary school, Queens Lake Middle school, Bruton High school

About Me: I'm 14, and I've been in Virginia for about 11 years. I've spent a lot of time making music, starting from when I was 4! And I have two siblings, Parker and Caroline, who are also in the band. :D

Goals and Expectations: Scales are a really important part of playing an instrument. All music is a variation of a scale. Not only will I help you go over your piece, but I'll help you remember your scales. I use scales all the time, beginners use scales, and professionals use scales. Everything is scales (I know it stinks. But once you learn your boring scales you can play all kinds of cool stuff). So we'll be learning scales (did I mention scales?) and rhythmn too. Scales+rhythmns=music. (eww math. We won't use any of that.) And I may also tell you a few music jokes. Because you always have to have something to funny to say when the trumpets are showing you up.

Jazz Project

New Orleans jazz and a little 1920's culture.

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