China Global Village

This project is meant to inform you about the major issues China is facing today. These issues include pollution, government, censorship, and deforestation.

Issue #1: Pollution
This video explains the issue of pollution.

Issue #2: Government
This political cartoon is about how China is refusing to become a democracy. This cartoon pictures a Chinese communist on top of the Great Wall, and people are trying to come in with the idea of democracy. This represents how China is a huge country, but is one of the least free in the world. They will not switch to a democracy, even though the citizens of China, and the rest of the world want them to become politically stable. This is why government in China is a huge problem to not only the country, but to the whole world.

Issue #3: Censorship
This Infographic is about how China is answering the social media revolution. China has blocked many sites including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 41% more sites were blocked in 2010 than before.The government has allowed other Chinese sites that are the equivalent to the sites above. These sites limit what the people can see but also give them a sense of freedom. The main reason these sites are being created is because social media is growing around the world and families are being separated by work and jobs so they need a way to talk to their families.

Issue #4: Deforestation
This event is serious because China is one of the most polluted places in the world. The cities in China are filled with smog from the burning of coal. The trees in China help to take away this smog and replace it with clean oxygen. If these trees are being cut down then the smog will get worse. Only a few percent of city air is safe to breath by European Union standards in China. The smog in China already claims thousands of lives in China every year. Without these trees to help the smog, even more people will die.

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