Adam Levine Hit With Sugar

I chose this event because I personally like the band, Maroon 5, and I like Adam Levine. This event has been on the news a lot and I think it is interesting. Adam Levine was hit with powdered sugar outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live's studio. He was signing autographs and a man smacked him and 4 others with the sugar. Apparently the suspect likes puns and last week he threw a rock at Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Nobody was hurt and the suspect was taken into custody. He will face many charges.

In my opinion, this event was really frightening for Levine. No more than a month ago, Levine was attacked on stage by a fan who wanted to hug him and kiss him. Letting random fans come near him can be very risky because anything can happen. I can imagine that Adam Levine will now be very cautious around fans and might decrease the amount of fan interactions he has. I just don't understand how you could just do things like that to celebrities when security is so tight and punishment will occur.  

The first article is from a newspaper source. It is written by Christie D'Zurilla. She is a writer for the LA times. This source was written on May 7th, 2015 at 3:11pm. This time might have offered the writer to gather more information because the incident happened on May 6th. My prior knowledge of this source is that it is a big time news paper for LA. It is also like the NY Times in New York. The name of the paper is recognizable. This source was created for anyone in the LA area or anyone who wants to learn more about the incident. It was created to inform others about what occurred at the scene. The main idea of this source was to inform what happened to Adam Levine and what charges the man who assulted him will face. This source is important because it is from a writer in LA, which is near where the event happened. I can infer that the guy who committed the crime also did other crimes.

The second source is a TV report from Entertainment Tonight. The speaker in the video is Nancy O'Dell. She is a reliable reporter for celebrity news. The source was created on May 7th, 2015 at 11:49am. This affects the meaning because it was created pretty early in the morning compared to some other articles. I usually watch Entertainment Tonight at night and I know it has reliable and informative information. This source was created for audiences that watch the show. These are probably people who like to see what is happening in the lives' of celebrities. This was created to show the video of the incident. The main idea was to show exactly what happened and what happened after the incident happened. This source is important because it shows the evidence that it happened and it shows the reactions of everyone. I can infer that the man who committed the crime will be in a lot of trouble.

The third source is a magazine. The source does not say who wrote it, but someone from the Cosmopolitan Magazine wrote it. It was published on May 8th at 8:48am. This affects the meaning because the incident happened way before this report. I know that this source is a fashion magazine for women. This might affect the amount of actual information they have. This article is for people who read the magazine, which is mainly older women. This article was produced to show that his Aztec shirt was ruined. The main idea was to spread some humor on the event by joking about his clothing being ruined. This is important to show that the event wasn't too serious and no one was harmed.

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