• Blizzards are very strong snow storms
  • Precipitation is snow and sometimes hail and sleet


  • Blizzards are formed by cold air rising over cold air
  • Moisture is needed for clouds and precipitation


  • 26 degrees Fahrenheit
  • -32 degrees Celsius

Wind speed

  • 35 miles per hour

Historic blizzards

  • 1899-east coast-61 cm of snow-wind was up to 58 km-how many people died info not found-injuries not found-cost not found
  • 1993-super storm-44 cm of snow-wind up to 83 km-deaths,cost, and injuries not found

Human impacts

  • Average wind speed is 35 miles per hour
  • Main temperature reaches 12 degrees C
  • Park cars in garages

Helpful websites/books

  2. nssl.noaa.gove/primer
  3. Weather and water resources-science text book


  • Precipitation- rain,snow,hail,sleet
  • Lift- something to raise the moist air to form the clouds and precipitation
A blizzard can reach up to a trucks car window


  • You need three things for a blizzard form
  1. Cold air at the surface
  2. Lots of moisture
  3. Lift

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