Hate to be cliché but....

When I grow up I want to be a Vet.

How physics is involved

History of Physics

Ever since the ancient Greeks, Physics has been developing through the many minds of brilliant scientists.

Isaac Newton

Most known for his laws of motion and law of universal gravitation. ("History of Physics")


He attempted to explain motion and the four elements. He was a revolutionary who started the idea of Physics and his ideas were the basis for other scientists to begin thinking and experiment and create what we know today as physics. ("History of Physics")

Why physics is needed

Being a vet isn't like being a doctor, it requires so much more intuition and a passion for animals. The animals cant tell you what is wrong with them and their owner are putting their trust in you to heal their pet. Physics is very involved in the veterinary profession and onw of the examples is an x-rays.


Wilhelm C. Roentgen developed xrays by doing an experiment involving a special gas and a cathode ray tube. When it didn't go as planned he  put his hand up to the mysterious glowing tube, (safety violation!!!) and he realized tht he could see through to his bone. ("X-Rays")

X-Rays are used to see if the patient has a broken bone or has swallowed anything that it is unable to digest.

Physics is involved in everything in the world around us. The more we allow ourselves to learn the more opportunities we open ourselves up to in order to be a viable part in todays world.


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