Four Things to Know Before Travelling Abroad

Every international travel will cost significantly, be it to the neighbouring country or across continents. With every journey comes expenses; expenses for travel, accommodation, shopping, and a lot of other things that require money. However, your local currency is definitely not going to work overseas. Here is where the need to avail foreign currency arises.

Availing foreign currency is a taxing task, especially when you have to consider the forex rates, processing fees, and other charges before exchanging a particular amount. Before you opt for any form of international exchange, here are four things that you need to avoid before travelling.

Swipe the Right Credit Cards

There are very few credit cards that do not charge any form of processing charges overseas. If you have not availed such a card, then swiping a credit card at the international outlet will surely cost you a lot. Avoid falling prey to the burden of hefty credit card bills; be smart and start searching for cards that offer processing fees waivers at international outlets. Trust us, you will end up saving a lot if you are an avid shopper.

Avoid Exchange at Airport Kiosks

Airport kiosks are the most convenient and easy way to avail foreign currency at international destination. However, they to tend to charge hefty processing fees, even for small exchange amounts. To avoid payment of such fees, it is advised not to visit the Airport kiosks or hotel services for currency exchange. You can opt for online foreign exchange to get the best forex rates.

Swipe Debit Cards Seldom

Debit cards are a convenient way of paying bills at shops, restaurants, or malls. However, the same card can turn into a disaster, siphoning out large quantities of bank balance, each time you swipe the debit card. As these cards are linked with bank accounts, banks charge heavy processing fees for every swipe. To avoid this, only initialize cash withdrawals using a debit card. Moreover, to escape the plunder of processing fees, withdraw large amount at one time.

Use Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are ideal when it comes to shopping at international destinations. These cards carry minimum processing fees and you will avail best currency exchange rates, each time you refill or top-up the card. So if you are an avid shopper, then make sure you use this card, every time you feel like shopping.