Teen Suicide
Jakob Cousin

Mrs. dent 9/19

The most common used suicide weapons are guns. Some where around 60% of teen suicides are with guns. To me that's just crazy. All these kids that have committed it with a gun shouldn't of had access to a gun. Suicide is the third leading deaths of the ages around 15-24. The first two are accidents and homicides. That right there just blows my mind. There is also 25 attempts of committing suicide to one successful suicide. Girls also attempt suicide 2 times more than boys do. But boys when they try suicide actually die 4 times more than girls.

When I hear teen suicide I think of a bad home life a quiet kid who just needs love. That's not always the case though. It could be a bad relationship or to much pressure but just keep trying don't give in. I hear people come in to my school all the time and talk about it. Most people don't think much about it but to me it hits me pretty hard. There's no reason at all to think about committing suicide what ever the consequences are. Maybe its because you think no one cares, maybe cause your going threw a hard time, but let me tell you there's people out there that do care, people who do love and want you. If your going threw a hard time it will get better I promise. There's always a bright side to the wrong ways. If half the kids that committed suicide knew what kind of sadness they left behind they wouldn't of ever even considered it. This might not mean a lot to some of you coming from some random parson you never met but just never do it, never think about suicide . Talk to anyone some one out there near you cares about you, you just have to go to them and ask. Help me drop these ratings by passing it on and being open to helping other individuals.


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