Arabian peninsula

1. Take camels when traveling through the desert. They can go long periods of time without water, and make excellent pack animals.

2. Take animals like goats and sheep to oases, so you can drink milk, eat yogurt, cheese, and meat. (Take them to oases so they can drink water.)

3. Travel in caravans through the desert so no one will try to rob you.

4. Make terraces so you have a flat area to farm on when you're in the mountains.

5. You should have luck farming when you are on a coastal plain, because the land is very fertile.

6. Once you get to the place that you are going to spend the night, set up tents in large groups so no one tries to rob you.

7. Build your tents out of palm trees, they have a lot to offer.

8. Dress in very loose clothes in the desert. It will help you to not overheat.

9. When at an oases plant crops, and trees like wheat, and palm trees. So you can eat dates, and make bread.

10. If you want something you don't already have, you can trade with other people who have that thing. You can trade livestock, crops/trees, or something else.

11. Be prepared for sudden temperature changes in the mountains. Take different types of clothes with you for different environments.