The sloth

By Mackenzie and a bit of Holli

The habitat of sloths

Sloths live  on tree tops they move to different tree tops quite often. The places that they are from is Aua through Venezuela, Brazil to Peru, Columbia, and in the Amazon Basin. They can only survive humid/warm weather. This is because the food that they eat is only in humid weather.

Sloths mate between Semptember and November, which is the dry season in the atlantic forest. When the female is ready to mate she will screem,then the that will attract the male. The male can hear her from as far as 700 metres away. when the meet the sloths will mate upside down,(weird I know) the mating only lasts for around 5 seconds.(fast) Once they have finished the male will go back to doing his usual thing.,The pregnancy lasts for six to eleven months and results in only one offspring per year. The sloth gives birth hanging upside-down in a tree(again weird I know) and the newborn sloth crawls up onto its mother's stomach.

The newborn sloth already knows what to do and they are all ready very well developed. It usually weighs between 340-400 grams, they already have open eyes, hair, teeth, and claws. They also have the ability to make sloth sounds and reach out a grab objects. The sloth stays with its mother on her stomach for aprox six to eleven months, while the mother takes care of it. Within two to four weeks the baby is able to eat solids.
Mother sloths can be protective, or can be very neglecting. Mothers have
been known to hiss and claw at any threats to protect the baby. However,
baby sloths occasionally fall from their mother, and the fall can
kill them the mother often does not come down to get them. When the baby is on the mothers stomach it always at leased keeps one foot on her while they reach for leaves and food, until finally the mother simply moves to
another area.

The Mating, Parenting and development of sloths

The red shows where sloths are located around the world


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