Welcome to my Webpage! We are all lost in our own country. Which is great because we have so many advantages. Why wouldn't we be? Some countries aren't as lucky. Its time to get out of our comfort zones and learn about the people, government, and money of the Islamic country Bangladesh! There are so many different things you will learn. Enough of wasting time, lets get started!

First lets get started with the people of Bangladesh, its a great start. Bangladesh has a total population of 1,000 people. Knowing that they have a smaller population their birth rate is 22.07. The death rate is 5.67 which is greatly smaller. There's always a different ethnicity in each country. Which in this country of course there will be some. Only 2% of them are tribal groups, but the other 98% of them are Bengali.

Enough of all that, lets get into their government. Bangladesh has a parliamentary government. Which is kinda like ours. They also use technology such as broadcast media, internet, and telephones. Which telephones are their most common way of communication. Again that's practically the same as our country. Not everything is the same, but there some little things that are.

Last, we all cant live without money so lets talk about that next. Their level of income for the average citizen is sadly low. That does not mean everything is low. Their employment rate is high for each males and females. For the men their employment rate is right at 92%. For the women their employment rate is 86.4%. Practically by knowing that we know that they have a lot of people trying. Enough with that, lets get into there Economic Development. Which their score is 54.1. That makes them 131 out of the whole world!

Lets go back and look at all what we have talked about. We went from talking about people to their government and then straight into the economic development. That's quiet a bit of information in such little time. If you take the time to explore different places around the world or anything really, you will learn so much more than what you already know! Last of all I want to thank you for checking out my Webpage!

Here Below is a video about the children and different things they do in Bangladesh.

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