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The story starts with Robert Walton sending letters to his sister from the North Pole. He meets a guy named Victor Frankenstein and listens to the story he tells.

Robert Walton on his boat

Victor was born in Geneva. He lived with his parents & his sister Elizabeth.

Victor liked science and nature. His mother died from scarlet fever before he left to the university of Ingolstadt. He was great and alchemy and he wanted to study more about the forms of life.

University of Inglolstadt

Victor neglects everything but his studies of how the human body works. He begins to create a life form of his own (the monster).

Victor studying the chemistry of the human body.

Victor was not pleased with the appearance of the monster. He flees from the monster. Victor soon falls ill.

Victors creation.

Henry Clerval is introduced. Justine Mortiz returns after victors mothers death. Soon after victor finds out that William has been murdered and he goes back to Geneva. He supposes Justine is responsible for his death.

Henry Clerval and Victor.

Justine soon confesses to the crime. Victor and Elizabeth supposed that she is innocent. Justine soon dies and Victor feels responsible. Victor goes into depression.

Tombstones of Victors loved ones.

Victor wanders to the valley of Chamonix. He comes face to face with the monster and talks to him. The story then is told from the monsters view. The monster is learning the way of life by observing a family, the Delacey family, in the woods .

The Valley of Chamonix

The monster reveals himself to the Delacey family and they did not handle it too well. They beat him. The monster grew mad and burned down their house while they were not there. The monster goes to Geneva.

Felix running from the monster.

The monster finds Victor and tells him to create a companion for him. The monster blames Victor for the way he is and for the way he looks. Victor puts the creation to the side because he is nervous about what might happen if he creates another monster.

The monster dreaming of a companion.

Victor predicts that the new creation may not like itself. Victor destroys the creature that was in the making and throws the remains in the ocean. He reaches the shore and discovers some townspeople who are accusing him of a murder.

Victor devoting hours to the new creation.

Victor spends 2 months in jail. He was found not guilty. He discovers that the man who had been murdered was his only close friend Henry Clerval. He travels back to Geneva with his dad after he is released from jail.

Victor in jail.

While Victor is away traveling in France he receives letters from Elizabeth. He soon after marries Elizabeth when he returns, but fears for his life because of the monsters wish. Elizabeth dies & soon after her his father dies of depression.

Victor and his new sister wife Elizabeth.

The monster continues to taunt Victor. At the end of the story Victor tells Robert Walton to continue to follow the monster if something happens to him. Victor Frankenstien soon dies.

Victor remembering how everything was taken away from him.

The monster soon appears after Victors death. He says that victor was his last victim. He says that he will soon set his own funeral pile and burn himself to death. The story ends.

The monster sailing away.

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