Marc Sparks

The Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur

Marc Sparks is the entrepreneur's entrepreneur. He's one of the most informed businessmen on the planet, and he's made a living off of his unique business ideas and strategies. Throughout his career, he's taken company after company and made them more successful, and more apt to adhere to a strict business plan that will guide them to success.

As a venture capitalist, he's always looking for new opportunities, and has expanded into a variety of different ventures. Including Cardinal Telecom LLC, and even Cobalt Real Estate Services LLC. Both of which are ideal business ventures that he's helped to guide from the very start.

Currenlty Marc Sparks spends his time working on his first book, titled “They Can't Eat You”. This is his life's work, in which he details how someone who didn't go to college could become so outrageously successful.

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