Biotic:White haired cactus,  Striped tailed scorpion, Vulture, Jackrabbit, Roadrunner, Gila monster

Abiotic:sand, rocks, 10 inches of rain and one- half inch of moisture yearly, in the night the temperature can drop from -2 to 4 degrees Celsius

           Step3. carrying capacity
             the precise amount of weight an
            object can hold

an animal can survive for a while but if there isn't enough resources in the environment then the population size can change a lot

Step4.Limiting factors

water supply is low and rare in this part.
food supply is hard to get in this environment

In a predator/prey relationship limiting factors can affect it because if the prey runs out of supplies it could die out and the predator could be affected roles

Producers: the sun,white haired cactus,Senita cactus,

consumers: armadillo,scorpion,daddy long legs,turantula,

scorpion/rats ,Senita cactus/sun ,armadillo/small rodents

producers give everything

Step 6.Food chains and food webs

Food webs are more realistic than food chains because they show all of the organisms in order from smallest to

most dominant.

If i removed desert plants half of the population would be gone.

Step 7.Trophic levels and energy pyramids

The reason why you use a pyramid shape is because it represents how much energy is in each section.Producers have the most energy and as it goes up the pyramid  it loses 10% less energy each time.

Step8. Photosynthesis  

my equation for photosynthesis is, Carbon dioxide + water = light energy => glucose + oxygen.Carbon dioxide sunlight and water is needed for photosynthesis and when it happens oxygen and sugar is produced.Photosynthesis takes place within the stem and leaves,carbon dioxide comes in and oxygen goes out.

Step 9.Tropisms

Examples of tropism are The Senita cactus,the sun is right above it and that means that the cactus has positive tropism

this tropism helps my plant because it keeps it normal.

Step 10. The role of decomposers

Decomposers  are vital in my ecosystem because they break down all dead animals and plants to give nutrients to new plants.If there were no decomposers all plant and animal life would die out.some decomposers that are in my ecosystem are an earth worm,blood worm,snail,fungi.

Step.11 Adaptations

Having adaptations is very important because they help us change to our environmental changes.Plants need to adapt to temperature and weather and animals change on their bodies.If I put an organism from my environment some where else it would die since it wouldn't be used to it.

Step.12 Natural selection

Natural selection is the changing of an organism over a period of time randomly.Natural selection is important because it give an organism a chance to change.The earth worm has been naturally selected and it happened over a period of five years.

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