Change Your Width   Change Your Life

- Ronnie C. Wright


From the mind of inventor Ronnie C. Wright for Stayfine Technology,a division of Stayfine Corporation.

The Widthwatch is short for 'wearable intelligent device through habits' by Stayfine. A widthwatch is a trademarked computerized wristwatch with enhanced functionality that runs mobile apps, a mobile operating system and "sport watch" functionality with activity tracker features coined "self-improvement tracker."

Like other computers, a widthwatch collects information from my "width" - 'word image dynamics through habits' reflected through internal or external sensors. It filters and retrieves data from my width - word image development through habits connected to other devices and computers.

Further, widthwatch also supports other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS, to extend my width - word image design to happiness with daily reports, I can catalog.