by: Justine Larbalestier

The book liar talks about how there is this one girl. Her name is Micah I believe. She says she says so many lies that no one can believe anything she says. One time she told people that she was a boy because she was kind of new to the school. Then a girl finds out that she really is a girl and tells everyone and she embarasses her. No one wanted to talk to her. She met this boy named Zach. He was literally the only one that she talked to. All of a sudden they have a thing and the girl that embarassed Micah was Zach's girlfriend. His "in school girlfriend" people would say. Micah was Zach's "out of school girlfriend". He was popular and that is why he had an in school girlfriend. One day Micah was at school and the principal has to go around the school telling them that Zach is dead. No one knows what happened or who did it. Then people started finding out that Micah was dating him and the other girl. They start suspecting Micah.

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2 years ago

Good job - sounds like a really suspenseful story!