Isn't it, something that people called "Crush" (?)

I hate being crush in someone. Especially, silent crush. I hate the way we keep our feeling deep down inside. And no one will know except us and God. When he passed, the wind blowing, and everything suddenly in their own slow motion. Beautiful. But, nobody knows except us. Oh, poor admirer. Unfortunately, that has been happening to me. I hate to admit it. But, I don't know nothing except silent. But then now you know this.

He is in my choir class. Someone random. Believe me, if you know who am I talking about, probably you're gonna laugh. Nothing special from his outside, i mean physically. There are hundreds of boys in High School who are cuter and probably more, flirt-er (i don't know if that word even exist tho). But, the point is, he stole it. At the very beginning he asked my name and what country am I come from, he stole it. Right there. In the last row from Basses student he smiled, and all in sudden dragged me to insanity of being in crush.

Okay, okay. You can call me melancholy, or vulnerable or even mock me as a hyperbolic-girl. But honestly, reader, you should believe in how magical love in first sight is.

We were not talking again until the class is over. But, dude, God has his own screenplay!

Just, believe me!


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