The Weird Lives of The Martins

A little boy name jack was out playing in the woods near his house.He was so entertained with the new toys his dad had bought him. About an hour later he was getting ready to go back home. Until he heard this weird noise.Jack quickly turned around to see what it was,but saw nothing. He started walking slowly into the woods. Jack noticed a red blinking light and began to walk toward the light quickly. It was a spaceship he wasn't scared but curious. Slowly opening the spaceship door, jack saw three human looking aliens. The littlest one came toward him, jack put his palm out so the little alien can get on. The aliens dad and mom were still scared. Jack invited them to his house. They excepted the invite, climbing into his hand they walk to jacks house. When they arrive he quickly ran inside the house yelling out "dad"! He was so excited to show his dad that he had found a little alien family. Jacks parents came in through the back door. They asked him what was wrong, he gently opened his palm. His parents did not know what to say to him. Jack though of a good idea, he told his parents if the Martian family could live with them. Jacks parents thought it was a good idea, because he really didn't have friends. That night jack settled the martians in his room. The night was short to jack, because of how nervous he was. It was 7 in the morning and it was school time. Jack put the little alien in his backpack and took him to school. When he got to school he took his little friend out and showed all his classmates. They were all surprise to see the alien. After a while the students began to noticed that the human alien was really nice. Years went on the little alien and his family lived happily in the new world they finally got use to.       

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