Summary and Analysis project

By: Anthony Gentile

What the run down Butler plantation would have looked like.

Interlude IV: "Master as an elder"

Pierce Butler sells some of his slaves in the raining auction. He makes enough money to to pay off his debts and fees and still lives a comfortable lifestyle. Pierce leaves his plantation and moves to Philadelphia with his daughters.

Butler talks about how he betrayed his daughter, Frances, because she was suppose to inherit the Butler plantation. Pierce says how she was going to return the plantation to its former glory. It cant be done because of how the north wants slavery gone.

The Ohio river that Emma took over on the Rainy night

Chapter 13: "Emma's life now"

Emma is talking to his granddaughter about how rain was a symbol of when something was an extreme event in her life. She talks about how slavery ended and was thinking about going back but Emma thinks about how she wont know anyone there.

Then she talks about Nova Scotia. It was madam Butler who helped them move to Nova Scotia. Emma says how great Mrs.Butler was. Emma talks about the underground railroads and how she was a conductor on it. Lastly Emma says that everything she has said to her granddaughter should be included in her school report.

This shows that woman could do the same thing as what men could do.

Femininity in the novel

When a reader examines the novel Day of Tears, by Julius Lester, one can witness the femininity in Interlude IV, Master, and Chapter 13, Emma. Readers can view if the men act like men and if the women act like women.

In Interlude IV, Master, Pierce Butler is more shown as a male than a female. He does the smart thing and sells everything and moves to Philadelphia. Butler describes selling his slaves as a “Bittersweet experience.” This chapter fits in the story because later in the novel, Philadelphia is part of the setting. Another thing in the text is that men usually let people down and thats exactly what Pierce did. Francis Butler was suppose to inherit the plantation from her father but he sold it.

In Chapter 14, Emma, Emma talks about all of her harsh life changes. In this chapter, Emma is shown as a male than a female. Emma talks about how she made it to nova scotia and how crossing the Ohio river was her freedom. Emma was shown more as a leader than the actual male in the group. Then Emma shows leadership by helping out with the underground railroad.

In the whole work of Day of Tears, in the perspective of feminism, you can witness the characters and how they act like their opposite gender. For example, Pierce Butler is the man of the house and plantation. He is suppose to be the head honcho but instead acts like a women. Also, Emma is suppose to act like a weak 14 year old lady but acts like more of a man in the story than anyone. When they ran away to the ohio river, Emma was the leader leading all of them across the river and not even the actual man of the group was the leader. Emma is the man of the novel and Pierce is the women in reality.

In conclusion, a reader can view the femininity of the book and how the genders sometimes are opposite to each other. Looking at this novel in a feminist perspective, one can see how there are similarities and differences between the genders.

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