Children deserve the best quality of education.

Children make me happy and changed my life. I enjoy to do all kids of activities, dancing is my favorite and we communicate and two languages.

Teaching them different songs is a way to communicate and develop their language and  social skills.

I used to live in New York and I moved to Miami 3 years ago. This is my home and I am in love with it, the view make me relax everyday.

I started college one year ago, I got my associates degree in NY eight years ago.

My favorite hobbies is to travel , this pictures was in Mexico two years ago.
I have been teaching for the last nine years , I enjoy and love to spend time with the little ones that brings joy to my life.
During my daughter's birthday on her party. She is my life , my everything , I enjoy spending time with her, we read a lot of books together

My family


My small family is the most important  for me. Kayleen my daughter has 6 years old. My husband name is Rolando and we has been together for the last 14 years. This was our last vacation on April 2015. We went to Disney and  we visited 3 parks.  This is in Epcot park.

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