Amanda Denno


  • Root: Sapere (Latin) //
  • Part of Speech: 1) noun 2) adjective //
  • Definition: 1) a person, usually elderly, who is honored for wisdom and experience 2) wise; judicious //

In many communities, the elderly are seen as sages due to there many years of experience.


  • Root: Nosco, Noscere, Novi, & Notum (Latin) //
  • Part of Speech: adjective //
  • Definition: widely and unfavorably known; infamous //

Wild boars are notorious for being violent and short-tempered animals.


  • Root: Puto, Putare, Putavi, & Putatum (Latin) //
  • Part of Speech: verb //
  • Definition: to determine by mathematics //

A new Chinese supercomputer can compute 33,860 trillion calculations per second.


  • Root: Sagio & Sagire (Latin) //
  • Part of Speech: 1) noun 2) verb //     
  • Definition: 1) a sign or feeling concerning some future event; omen; foreboding  2) to give a sign or warning about the future //

Many people allow the weather to be a presage for how the rest of their day goes.


  • Root: Scio, Scire, Scivi, & Scitum (Latin) //
  • Part of Speech: noun //
  • Definition: knowledge of events before they occur; foresight; foreknowledge //

In order to win the conference, the coach had to get prescience about all their competitors before his team played them.