10 facts on Ronald Reagan

Childhood and Education

Reagan was born in Tampico, Illinois, to John Edward or Jack and Nellie Wilson (Reagan) on February 6th, 1911. His father nicknamed him "Dutch" because he looked like "a fat little Dutchman." Ronald Reagan completed his preliminary education from Dixon High School post which he got a scholarship at Eureka College to study economics. Before he started college he worked as a life guard in Dixon, Illinois. He also participated in sports and school plays, lets also mention he was the student body president.

Athletic Scholarship

Ronald got a scholarship to Eureka College in Illinois. He studied economics and sociology. He got his scholarship by playing football, track, and he was the captain of the swim team. Reagan graduated in 1932, he continued his sports career by working as a radio sports announcer in Iowa.

Ronald's  Future

Before becoming the President of the United States  he signed a seven-year contract with the Warner Brothers movie studio.  He appeared in 50 films within three decades. A couple of the movies that were popular that Reagan starred in were "Knute Rockne, All American (1940)", "Kings Row (1942)."

Jane Wyman was Ronald's first wife in which he married in 1940. He had a daughter with Jane and her name was Maureen, he also had a son with her named Michael. They separated in 1948. Reagan also fought in World War II but was let go because he had poor eyesight, but he stayed in the army and started making training films. After the war was over he left as a ranked captain.

Ronald met Nancy Davis while he was serving as the president of the Screen Actors Guild(1947-1952). He ended up marrying her in 1952 despite the painful divorce with Jane Wyman.  They then went and had two children named Patricia and Ronald.

Becoming the President

In January 20, 1981, in Reagans Inauguration speech he said "government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem." March 30, 1981, President Reagan was checking out of the Washington Hilton Hotel with seven advisers. He started to walk out the door and shots began to fire. Secret service saved his life by acting quick and pushed him quickly in his limousine. The president got hit, and the person who fired those bullets was John Hickery Jr. who also shot three other people, no one died though. The bullet pierced on of Ronald's lungs and missed his heart. Then he said to his wife "Honey, I forgot to duck." He was also a Republican from 1981 - 1989.

Later Years and Death

January 1989, after being the President of The United States Reagan and Nancy returned to Los Angeles, California to their beautiful home. Ronald even had a museum named after him called Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum which was located in Simi Valley, California. Later in life our former president was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in November 1994. Ten years later he died peacefully in Los Angeles, California, at his home surrounded by his loved ones. Ronald was 93 years old when he left the world. He was the nations longest-lived presidents at that time.

Born: February 6th, 1911.   Died: June 5th, 2004.

Fact One

Reagan had a weird obsession with jelly beans, he always had a jar of jelly beans on his desk.

Fact Two

He was the only president that has gotten a divorce.

Fact Three

Sixty-nine days after becoming the President of The United States, there was an attempt for Ronald to be assassinated.

Fact Four

Reagan actively participated in some of America's most famous witch hunts against alleged Communists.

Fact Five

He illegally sold weapons to Iran, and helped create the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden regime.

Fact Six

His economic policies caused a spike in unemployment and led to severe income inequality.

Fact Seven

Ronald was against racial equality.

Fact Eight

Reagan also failed to confront the AIDS epidemic.

Fact Nine

He is directly responsible for the increasing American Homelessness through his large scale of not funding mental institutions.

Fact Ten

Lets not forget how he added TRILLIONS to Americas national debt.

My Presidents Grade

I would have to give my president a "C", because he caused a lot of problems while he was The President of the United States. He also created a lot of problems for our future. He illegally sold weapons to Iran and helped created the Taliban. But he also was loved by many for his movies.


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