Nepal Earthquake

As of April 27, 2015 the country of Nepal has been in a state of emergency after an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.9 struck the country killing hundreds.  The death toll is 3,300 and rising due to Nepal's state of poverty and low economics before the quake.

This has been the second deadliest earthquake the country has ever seen.

The major earthquake had a magnitude of 7.9. Although on a major plate boundary with a history of huge to great-sized earthquakes, big earthquakes in the area are not common in the historical era.

A number of buildings collapsed in the center of the capital, the ancient Old Kathmandu. Among them was the Dharahara Tower, one of Katmandu's landmarks built by Nepal's royal rulers in the 1800s and is recognized as a historical monument. It was turned to rubble and there were reports of people trapped underneath.

Officials said that more than 1,800 people were known to have died in Nepal's most powerful quake in decades.  Of the dead found so far, 634 were counted dead in the Kathmandu Valley and at least 300 more in the capital, a police spokesman told Reuters news agency.  A total of 36 deaths were reported in northern India, 12 in Tibet and4 in Bangladesh.

More than 3,300 deaths have been counted, and the death toll is expected to keep going up. At least 18 were killed and dozens more were injured on Mount Everest, where the quake caused an avalanche. Dozens if not hundreds remain trapped under mounds of rubble. The nation's capital of Katmandu was particularly hard hit.

This powerful earthquake has brought Nepal to its knees, it will take decades to rebuild to where they were before the quake.

What Caused the Nepal Earthquake?

The India plate travelling northward at about 45mm a year is shoving itself beneath the Eurasian plate under the Himalayas. How an earthquake works. Click to see Nepal before and after the major quake.

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