This quarter I was able to have two great experiences in Environmental Science. The first one was a trip to the Cal Sag to look at tons of creepy crawlers in the stream, to take a hike through nature, and to learn more about our surroundings. I thought that was very cool because everything we did was something new to me. I learned how to tell if a water is in good condition-and how to actually test it myself. I also took more notice to nature than I normally would have, especially on our nature walk. The trip to Portillo's after was awesome too:-). I think trips like these are important because it takes the learning out of a classroom and allows kids to be hands on, which makes learning all that more enjoyable. My favorite part of the trip was trying to find species in the stream. My group found the most (10)!

My second experience took place a couple weeks ago. The class bared the freezing cold in order to go plant a tree outside. Even though at the time the temperature was bad, this is now an experience I look back fondly on. I think it was very cool that we were able to plant a tree considering we've learned so much about them throughout the year. The ladies were very knowledgable and were great at explaining everything to us. They let us take part in the process, which I enjoyed very much. I like to get down and dirty (literally) so I spent a lot of the time trying to break up the soil for the new tree. I can now take my knowledge and plant my own tree when I'm older (I don't think my parents want me planting one in our yard) which is very cool, because I know this knowledge will stay with me. Thank you for these awesome experiences Mrs. Coy :)

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2 years ago

Thanks for a great year, Hayley!! 50/50