Jonathon Vasquez 7th period

My Digital Portfolio 2014-15

Emails and Blogs
What I learned in this unit is how to send emails to people and a website that is name blog.Blog is a site where you can post status or pictures about yourself.

Digital Photography
What I learned in this unit is how to use and work the school cameras.The cameras are very different compare to a iPhone or Android.You can change effects and zoom in or out on the camera.

Keynote Presentations
In this unit I leraned how to make keynote to present my projects.I also know how to insert music and photos.

Video Production
This unit I took videos and put them in a movie which is called iMovie.The iMovie i made was name the demon above.

Sound Engineering
In this I unit i made my own sounds from audacity.There one where I have to three pieces of music together.Also there one where I use the tools of audacity to fix a bart.

This is a unit where you can put pieces of photos and put them together. I had to make a postcard to somewhere in the world.Also had to use the tools in photoshop.For example....

Desktop Publishing/Pages
This unit is where you type up pages and assignment called PSA.It where you have come up with a ad.         

Fashion Design
In this unit you have to make up your own trends. Like clothes,shirts,shoes.

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