The Aztec Culture

         Aztec cities were ones they had conquered while they were expanding, which they had began to do around 1428. Some cities resisted others were taken over and began to pay tribute. The Aztec people had control/ruled most of what is now Mexico. The Aztecs had very unique clothing, their clothes were made with imported cotton fibers and ayate fiber, which came from a cactus. Aztecs ate what they grew and hunted, but mostly on the crops that they grew because it was easier to rely on rather than the animals that they hunted, therefor their diet was mainly plant based. Around 15 million people lived in the Aztec civilization throughout their time. The Aztec people were polytheistic, they believed in many gods. Their gods were the forces of nature. The leaders of the Aztec Empire were, Tenoch from, (1299-1363), Itzcoatl from,  (1427-1440), Moctezuma I from, (1440-1469), Axayacatl from,  (1469-1481), Tizoc from, (1481-1486), Ahuitzotl from, (1486-1502), Moctezuma II from, (1502-1520), Cuitláhuac from, (1520), and CuauhtĂ©moc from, (1520-1521). Aztec warriors were very young. The boys became warriors at age 17. As warriors they had to wear large head dresses most were made to look like a bird. they carried shields fringed with feathers and were mostly undressed.

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