The Disaster

  Historical Fiction Story: By Laura C

Today is the anniversary of my father's death. My dad used to work for this company that required him to go into  coal mines, and search for gold, diamonds, or anything of value inside the rocks. Everyday he would come home exhausted.

My name is Laura. I am 12 years old and I have a mother, a brother, and a sister. My siblings are 6 and 8. I live on the streets because my dad used to make all the money for us. I am 5'4 and I have very long blond hair. I'm very smart. I don't have any friends because I'm to busy keeping up with my family.

"Goodbye darlings!", my father had said, so confidently.

One day it was time for my dad to go to work. It was around 5:30 in the morning, and he ate oatmeal like he does every morning, got dressed and went to work. The year was 1907, and we kissed him goodbye and off he went. We heard a loud crash. We didn't think much of it. It happened again.

"I wonder what is going on out there?", my mother says, nervously.

"I'm sure it's nothing." I say, questioning myself.

   It gets even louder, then all of a sudden...BOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!

That's when disaster struck. He was in the mine, then it exploded. If you were close, you could here it explode, and we did. There was this big commotion outside. Everyone was yelling, kids were crying, men trying to figure out what had happened. There was dust everywhere, you couldn't see!

On December 6, 1907, 362 coal miners, siblings, and loved ones died. They called it the worst coal mining disaster in American History. It was a very tragic event that changed my life forever. Everyone who lost someone during this tragic event must feel the same way.