April Week 3

Order: vision, freedom, starts with L, pride

What actions did you run on your photos?

I ran nice and easy on all of my photos. I ran dandelion on my starts with L photo. I ran lovely and ethereal on both the freedom and vision photos. I ran soft and faded on the vision photo. I ran vintage on the pride photo.

Why did you run these actions?

I edited the vision photo the way I did because I wanted it to be shocking and stand out. I edited the lilac photo the way I did because I wanted the colors to be extreme. I edited the other photos the way I did because that fit with the overall grundgy/vintage feel of that shoot.

Which photo is your favorite photo? Why?

My favorite photo is definitely the vision photo. The picture not only just worked out really well, but the subject is adorable and eye catching.

Which is your least favorite photo? Why?

My least favorite is probably the pride photo because it's the least visually interesting, in my opinion.