Organizing Physical Space

There is a dedicated library within the classroom.  The library is leveled by genre, guided reading levels, fiction, and non fiction.  There are pillows to help the students find comfortable areas to read.  

Read Aloud mat

Within the library there is a space for read alouds.  The students really enjoy being able to go to the library and have an interactive read aloud.

Technology is widely used in the classroom and is arranged in an area for students to be able to focus on their work.

Small group Table--

Small groups and reader's / writer's workshop takes place at the round table.  The student's know that the round table is a special place within the classroom.  Teacher and student conferences are held there, small groups, and peer tutoring is done at the round table.

Peer Tutoring

Anchor Charts

Anchor Charts are stragtegically placed around the room.  I choose the locations by reading or writing.  I try to group anchor charts together, that will have the most impact on a student's learning.