American Sniper By Chris Kyle

(above) Book Cover

The majority of the takes place in the Middle East, during the War in Iraq.

Chris Kyle (protagonist) on one of his four tours in the Middle East

Al-Qaeda (antagonist), the Islamic Extremist terror group

This book is the autobiography of Chris Kyle's life, and includes his firsthand account of the War in Iraq.

"“My regrets are about the people I couldn't save - Marines, soldiers, my buddies. I still feel their loss. I still ache for my failure to protect them."

The theme of this autobiography is loss. It describes Chris' loss of comrades in SEAL Team 3 and loss of hope. Chris loses many things as a SEAL, from friends to time spent with his wife two children. He changes for both better and worse throughout the story because of the great sacrifices he made for his country and fellow soldiers.

I would recommend this book to anyone planning on going into the Navy SEAL's, or any branch of the military. It provides insight into many aspects of the Seals and the military as a whole from the perspective of America's deadliest sniper.

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